About Us.


“We are your go to partner for anything in the art space.”

For over a decade, we have produced campaigns with countless brands, organizations, and institutions yielding results that exceed expectations and projections alike. Our mix of creativity, passion, and vision has delivered some of the most innovative and popular programs in our category to date.

We are specialists in positioning clients within relevant creative collaborations. Whether through activations on a building, in a parking lot, on consumer products such as a pair of sneakers, or a private collection, we are the partner to help you connect authentically with target demographics. Original art creates lasting experiences and connections, it strengthens dialogue between a brand and its consumer communities.

Our business model is built on the development of long-term, sustainable returns for the clients we work with.Whether with artists or brands, our work is executed at the highest level of professionalism, organization, and creativity.

We pride ourselves on doing things differently and delivering for the partners we work with.







Creative Partners.


What we believe.


Art responds to a growing desire to embellish and increase the social acceptability of projects in public spaces. It also animates communities and supports the economic vitality of neighbourhoods and cities.

– Yan Cordeau, Co-Founder and Artistic Director, LNDMRK

Art transforms spaces to attract new, forward-thinking audiences interested in creating dynamic and healthy environments. This applies to talent acquisition and retention, to brand loyalty and impactful impressions on clients.

– Saraid Wilson, General-Manager, LNDMRK

The craze for creating derivative products in collaboration with visual artists continues to grow in the field of retail.
In addition to supporting the artists and strengthening the project itself, these initiatives make art more accessible to the consumer (and reinforces the authenticity of the product).

– André Bathalon, Co-Founder and Artist Manager (Ricardo Cavolo), LNDMRK

LNDMRK offers a fully art-centric positioning strategy that can translate a brand’s goals into concrete and relevant integration solutions.

– Alexis Froissart, Co-Founder and President, LNDMRK

” Genuine connections are lasting

and powerful.

– Nicolas Munn Rico, Co-Founder, LNDMRK