Known for his intricate and detailed designs, Andrew Antonaccio is one of the most celebrated creators of the Wynwood Arts District in Miami, FL. Embodied by digital medium mixed with traditional aesthetics, his work is best described as a combination of archived images manipulated and re invited to resonate with today’s modern spectator. In this, our every day more technocentric society, these compositions work by developing interpretations in viewer’s minds without being inhibited by the historical reality of the captured images.

Such pieces deceive the eye upon interaction as they are difficulty register with the naked eye. By doing so, the viewer is prompted to interact with the work through a screen, transforming a regular everyday experience. This new-found interaction leaves most spectators in a state of amazement; while also increasing the dynamic interaction between the audience, technology, and the work of art.

From these digital sketches, the artist subsequently translates these works from digital to physical as large scale murals, smaller painted media, installations, or interactive sculptures.

Most of his content focuses on maintaining a delineated orientation and minimal vision to comment on the world’s current social, environmental, and political issues.