While the famous Swiss luxury apparel brand BALLY was undergoing a facelift, they brought together rapper-entrepreneur Swizz Beatz and LNDMRK artist Ricardo Cavolo to collaborate on a new line. Swizz Beatz loves everything Ricardo does: his colors, his style, his projects. Together, they designed a unique collection of clothes, shoes and various high end accessories that were sported by none other than Alicia Keys, Pharell Williams, P Diddy, Joey Bada$$,… just to name a few!

‣ Over 40 Swizz Beatz X Bally organic posts on Instagram
‣ 2 BILLION+ impressions Worldwide
‣ 50K+ live views on IG for the pre-launch campaign
‣ 130K+ live views on IG of the official launch event
‣ The entire collection was sold out in a few weeks in several Bally stores around the World.


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