Chiquita was looking for art to embolden their iconic blue sticker. Stickers are almost as important as bananas are over at Chiquita, as they bring a playful intergenerational tradition of sticking the little blues all over the surfaces of our lives. Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo brought his eclectic international folk style to four new Chiquita portraits that would circulate the world for a whole year! For Ricardo the importance of turning sensitive topics into everyday conversations were at the heart of his designs, raising topics like mental health and poverty. Ricardo also brought his iconic heart symbol as the fifth sticker in the series, representing how “anyone can overcome everything, because the power lies within you”. Together Ricardo and Chiquita used the worldwide distribution of Chiquita bananas to spread a message of joy and good will to the world, one banana at a time. Where will you stick this one of a kind little blue sticker?


– 180 million boxes of bananas

– 70 countries

– Covered in over 2500 articles and blogs


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