M3 Group


M3 Financial Group reached out to us with the idea of creating two larger than life events in downtown Montreal and Toronto for their Canadian Sales Force and top clients. They wanted more than glitz and glamour, they wanted the best corporate events of the year! We gladly accepted this challenge and brought down the house with artist FVCKRENDER & June Barry (Boycott me) and her amazing figurative LED installations, graffiti car blow-ups, an astounding light show and a stellar lineup of local DJs and breakdancers. We also created the events visual identity and built a microsite to track it’s success and the response of its guests.

‣ Creation of 2 unique art installations
‣ 25 breakdancers
‣ 20 piece LED art installation
‣ 6 hours of pure fun and a jam-packed dance floor


Live event / Corporate event