The American coffee shop giant asked four artists to represent the life cycle of a coffee seed. Our visionary artist, Ricardo Cavolo, was the fourth and final artist chosen to illustrate the stages of roasting and was selected to fly down to the Starbucks headquarters in Seattle.

Ricardo was then initiated by their in-house master roasters and discovered the secrets of their blends. Following his apprenticeship, he created three astonishing visuals for the packaging of selected coffee blends, as well as a giant Mural at their HQ in Seattle. This collection can be found in all Starbucks in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

‣ Distributed in over 15,000 points of sale (Canada, USA, Mexico)

‣ Ricardo collection includes 3 different coffee blend packages, a customized 3 oz reusable cup, a notebook and a coffee table book

‣ Mural creation for Starbucks HQ in Seattle

‣ Ricardo’s artwork showcases in Starbuck’s (Art of the Blend) coffee table book


Marketing through Art / Design  / Branding / Packaging